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Address: F1 , Bulding C, Li Heng Long Industry, Zhiwuyuan Rd, Nanyue, LongGang, ShenZhen, China. 518116

       SHENZHEN HOERSUN PLASTIC & MOLDING FACTORY is a production, processing, distribution and wholesale of private enterprise,all kinds of plastic clips are Shenzhen Hoersun Plastic & Molding Factory's main product.
       SHENZHEN HOERSUN PLASTIC & MOLDING FACTORY is one approved by the relevant state registration of enterprises. Shenzhen Hoersun Plastic & Molding Factory to a strong, reasonable prices, excellent service and a number of enterprises established long-term cooperative relationship.

Our services are as follows:
1. Plastic magnet clips

2.Plastic bag clips

3.Plastic cloth clips 

4.Plastic creative clips

5.Plastic paper clips

6.Plastic mini clips



SHENZHEN HOERSUN PLASTIC & MOLDING FACTORY have lots of experience in producing all kinds of plastic clips,which contain plastic paper clips,plastic clothespins,plastic magnetic clips,plastic bag clips,plastic spring clips and so on.The highest quality of product with the lowest price,and we have cooperated with many merchant,we enjoyed good reputation for our quality and service among our customers.

If  you want to purchase some plastic clips,please contact us or visit our website:www.plastic-clip.com.

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