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Preserving your food carefully

times   2017-06-15

The temperature is still very high,all of us should be prepare to do something for sunstroke prevention and enjoy the cool.In addition,we should pay more attention on preserving food,especially on the hot summer.

You need to know tvegetable and fruit will be shrivelled up quicklly if you put them under the sunlight.Storing them in a shade place is the right way.As for the leftover,you just throw them away.So please finish your dinnner as much as possible.


plastic bag clips


And how to preserve our snacks unfinished is the most important thing for the foodie just like me.Listen,you just need to know that seal the bag is the key,but how?You might fold the bag with your hands,our use things to clamp them,but the method that i have used before is the simplest,just clip the bag with a nice plastic bag clip,it is convenient and safe,you could have a try by your own.

Did you get it?And our plastic bag clips manufacturer will share you with more skill of life.