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times   2017-06-28

     Time had a very really fast, blink of an eye over three months, it needs to look back at this time was the day when summing rush from the heart. Original student life makes me feel far away.

      Web site operators now work has gradually become comes naturally, and this probably should be a joy, let me worth commemorating experience.

       More than three months of work down a lot of their own efforts, but also improved a lot, learned a lot of things were not there before, I think this is not only a job, but more importantly is to give me an opportunity to learn and exercise .

        From this stage, the find yourself craving to own knowledge are continually came to this big melting pot slowly digested, which is experience.on the whole work of feelings, I think the working environment here is more to my satisfaction.

      The first is the leader care and working conditions are improving to the power of my work;

      Second caring friendship and collaboration among colleagues gave mutual sense and practical sense comfortable I work; confidence Hoeraun third is our unique "corporate culture" atmosphere gave me work.