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Why do customers ignore you?

times   2017-06-13

The process Waitting for echo after the samples were sent  is more painful. Bdfore getting a sample,Some customers hurried samples everyday. Upon receipt of the samples, there will be a long period of time will not care about you. This is roughly four cases:

    1. We are dealing with traders, not end users. I encountered this situation many times. Traders should provide samples to the final customer, to give them a try, or exhibitions. He did not care about you, because he also wait until the customer replies. In such cases, because the two sides have common interests, so you can have some hope and more. In addition, he may wish to Cuicui regularly marked with a phone, it will not cause resentment.

     2.May customers receive samples  but he felt dissatisfied. If this is the case, I will give the customers understand the situation, as soon as more into products.

     3.It may be due to the initial deal, customers will tend to take a sample test. For example textiles, he will check ingredients. If it is electrical, then it requires about related certification. This often requires a certain process, encountered such a situation might wait.

     4.in addition to some customers might not line up just to collect samples. He actually found a better alternative, or put your samples into their database inside. As the data compilation and no other meaning, in which case you do not have any hope.