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A Small Summary

times   2017-05-16

1, as a salesman, must have the sincerity to solve the problem, they first find their own responsibility

When a customer complains to you, what you should do is try to comfort him. The best way is to express concern and resolve the sincerity of his complaint. Tell me about it Please sorry Im for my error and assure you I will take great care in performing the work, it will be restored to your trust.


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2, in a timely manner

When the loss has been caused, in a timely manner to propose remedies, often able to make communication from an impasse, and even to achieve a satisfactory agreement. Then, the customer's concerns will be halved, and would like to consider your proposal.

3, at any time to confirm the important details

Once found suspicious, should immediately ask each other "this what we decided Is?" Any product details, rather than a little wordy, it must not be vague.