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Do not give up any one customer

times   2017-06-22

One day,I received an e-mail inquiry about Plastic paper clips, it is a client from Switzerland. As usual,I replied to the customer and quoted him the price. The quantity is about 8,000pcs, regarded as a small single.

After several rounds of communication, the client let us do samples. It is a little progress. But no further information after the samples were sent to customers, I was a little tempted, so I wrote a message to the customer, the result was no reply. I knew foreign trade has to persevere, after several messages sendt to him, he finally replied, but the quantity of custom Plastic paper clips was less, so the price will be more expensive, customers was hesitated.


Through repeated exchanges, finally he placed order. Although a small number, but it is hard work and diligence income, so my heart is very rewarding.

Do not give up every customer please!