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She always bring good news

times   2017-06-27

As a foreign trade salesman, we often think to develop new customers.

However, the development of the letter was sent out, it must be high quality, there are bright spots, might receive reply.

But once customers become your old customers, there is the possible to make more orders. This is better than developing new customers.

So we often say that maintaining old customers is more important than developing new customers.


plastic paper clips supplier

Then,my American client purchase our plastic paper clips for several times. but also their packaging and logo, according to customer’s requirement.I find a bag supplier, they can print logo on it.

It is mid-April that client placed order for me.he replied me yesterday.the plastic paper clips sold very well, she will order again soon. I did not expect that she just said yesterday, then give me a message this morning, ask me do invoice to her.


plastic paper clips supplier

Old customers, as long as we do good enough, good products, good service, generally not easy to change plastic paper clips supplier. It is difficulty to have few high quality clients., so we should focus on maintenance, see, she gave me the good news again.