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You are special and valuable

times   2017-06-09

I will never forget the lessen which Mr. Li gave us. One day Mr. Li was speaking to us in our school meeting room. He began his speech by holding up a ¥100 bill. He asked, "Who would like this ¥100 bill?"

   Most of us put up our hands quickly. Then he said, "I am going to give this ¥ 100 to one of you, but first let me do this." He then made the bill into a ball and said; "Who wants it now?" We raised our hands again. But he said, “Wait a moment.” He then dropped it On the floor and stepped on it. After that, he picked up the dirty bill and said,

   “Who still wants it?” Many hands were still up.

   "My friends," he said, "you have learned a valuable lesson today. No matter what I did to the money, you still wanted it because it did not go down in value. It was still worth ¥10O.

   "We always lose many chances we take in our lives. "He went on speaking, "We feel as if we are worth nothing. But remember, no matter what has happened to you, you will never lose your value: you are always valuable to those people who love. you,. Your value doesn't come from what you do or who you know, but WHO YOU ARE."

   "You are special and valuable. Don't ever forget it!"。