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You never know what clients thinking

times   2016-12-12

      Share you a plastic clip case as follows:

      I have a plastic clip customer, we had communicated for a long time, he told me, he will pay me tomorrow. Heard this news,i’m very happy. But the next day, guests said he found a better price suppliers. See the e-mail, i feel very disappointed......


      I really want to severely criticize the customer, but reason tells me is certainly infeasible. Finally, i sent an email to him, "Congratulations, you have found a better plastic clip supplier than us. we really feel happy for you. Anyway we are still friends. So no matter when you come to China, pls contact us. We’ll pick you from the airport. " guests do not reply to me.


      Unexpectedly, a week later, the guests gave us the orders again. Guests say, ‘I feel that the services and quality of that plastic clip supplier are not as good as yours. ‘ Finally, we got this order. Do you know what the customers thinking ?